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Amadrina, located in Mtwara, southern part of Tanzania. We specializes in manufacturing, processing and trading coconut oil all around Tanzania. We are one of the Leading Producers of Affordable High Quality Coconut Oil, which has already been Certified by Tanzania Bureau of Standards with prefix Number TZS 2021/EAS 65.

With our capability and credibility, it is our top priority to provide high value products and meet our customers’ satisfaction and expectation. As our company continues to grow, we also aim to contribute in improving local farmers’ welfare.

To deliver products from the right sources with quality processing and reasonable prices to our customers. To empower and educate local farmers and factory in producing top value products.


To be a leading, sustainable and impactful trading company in Tanzania.

Pure Coconut Oil

All varieties of coconut oil supplied by Amadrina are 100% pure. Free from any adulteration, perfumes, additives, preservatives and chemicals

Long Life

Sourcing of good quality coconut, thorough drying to remove all moisture, fine filtering and tight packing ensures long shelf life

Edible Use

This coconut oil is suitable for use in all types of cooking. Salad dressing, deep frying, shallow frying and raw consumption.

Hair Use

Nourishes the skin, moisturizes hair, strengthens root, keeps the head cool and widely used as hair oil either as it is or with additives.

Why Chosing Us?

Our well filtered organic cold pressed coconut oil extracted from fresh mature coconut meat. Contains high content of natural saturated fatty acids, primarily Lauric Acid (formula) which has a tri factor for antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral properties due to a well designed filtrations facilities our virgin coconut oil is highly resistant to rancidity and odors! Pure virgin coconut oil solidify below 24 degrees Celsius

We are confident of our consistent quality.

We love bringing you coconut goodness, and a key part of that is our incredible Coconut Oil.


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Connected Farmers

Litres Produced

We want our product ranges to be good for our customers, good for the planet, and good for the people who produce them.

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